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Dongguan network based Web site optimization technology co., Ltd. company's main business is software development, website building, hosting, systems integration and value-added services such as total solution. Is the leading technology, comprehensive information services for computer networks and software for service providers. Authorities identified as the subject of e-government construction and operation business.
Dongguan network base website optimization technology limited its of Internet service brand, Dongguan network base website optimization, and Dongguan website optimization, and Dongguan SEO, and Dongguan SEO optimization, and Dongguan Baidu optimization, and Dongguan website optimization company, and Dongguan SEO company, and Dongguan keywords optimization, and Dongguan search optimization, and Dongguan Baidu left optimization, and Dongguan Baidu snapshot optimization Professional provides various network and software service solution programme of China top network and software industry integrated service business. We are committed to the enterprise opens the door to Internet economy, at low cost, high efficiency, strong-protection under the premise of providing a full range of high quality Internet services.
software is relying on its own perfect service system, strong technical support, as well as a wealth of experience, information resources and market strength, after a few years of development history, already has a strong technical and marketing team, has a number of the world's leading independent and proprietary technology, the rapid growth of the industry-leading companies.
company as a State-level software industrial base of backbone enterprises, mainly involved in e-Government, financial, retail and other fields. Software development, website development, website optimization, hosting, in one step! Software based in Shaanxi service throughout the city and provincial departments to provide targeted e-planning and holistic implementation of the program. In the field of financial services, banking solutions, business application management software, data central province network project and self service systems engineering and other technical services. In the circulation areas of the business, provide solutions for commercial distribution industry as a whole, retail automation system software development and systems integration services. "Software" actively seeking local innovative technology development, and with the industry's leading enterprise IBM, HP, Microsoft, and CISCO, CA, SYBASE, EMC has established good long-term partnership.
Dongguan Foundation Web site optimization technology co, Ltd as a starting point, to technology as the core, supported by a strong technical team, scope of business Internet applications, a wide variety of products, from basic to deep satisfy customer needs in different classes.
Internet-based services, including Dongguan, Dongguan, domain name registration, virtual host, MSSQL/MYSQL database hosting, FTP space (network hard drive), business enterprise post office, Dongguan, Dongguan, server rental, server hosting, and so on.
Internet application services-website-building Center, specializes in providing quality of Dongguan, Dongguan, Dongguan site planning, Web design, graphic design, FLASH animation, VI design, electronic magazine, website production, website system development, website optimization, Dongguan, Dongguan, network marketing, online advertising, website maintenance, website promotion, such as a full-service enterprise Internet e-commerce services.

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