Owners talk about how snapshot data update soon

Baidu snapshot metabolism is a measure of a site's main symbol, snapshot data updates, content more quickly to be included, thus forming a virtuous circle. If your station ten-day snapshot is not updated for half a month, this station there is certainly the topic. Even if your hub is in front is to pay attention to the words.
Baidu snapshots and those factors now?
1. site security
security is the most pivotal factor to ensure Baidu snapshot, server security is to ensure that the spider crawling grabs open conditions.
2. sites try to stay the same way
many webmasters are always on their own station does not meet, like change here change there. This is done to optimize the most taboo things. General website will try to maintain the original appearance of the site, structure, layout, not as a last resort do not easily change.
3. novelty and originality
Baidu spider is interested in the content of the site, original and adhere to a regular update is to ensure that search engine spiders often patronize the site conditions.
Baidu snapshots and external links have a lot to do with it. A site may not have very good content, but there are good external links, and are some of the high weight of the site, it is also induced by Baidu spider follow links to crawl your site, snapshot update opportunities will increase.
interactive site active good site, Baidu spider is more favored. Network is characterized by the intervention. More people involved indicates that this site is exciting. Human nature is to love cabbage so the spider can concern according to the characteristics of people who are busy site. BACK

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