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, Change the thought. In the publishing chain, we must change the way of thinking and stop trying to pursue the chain of number, to achieve control by the number outside the chain into quality control of the chain, so as to make yourself well site in an invincible position. May be asked at this point, how to get the high quality of the chains? Some answers to high ranking Web site. But many argue that high ranking Web site outside the chain is very difficult to do, resulting in many people. Xiao bian recommended here than we can weight a little higher on your Web site to publish your Web site outside the chain, this will be easier. As long as it is higher than the weight of your site a site can be regarded as a quality chain, but all external links must be effective.
b, outside the chain of quality analysis. Above editor says we must change from chain number control for quality control of the chain, but how can we ensure that we release the chain is valid? First of all, we guarantee that your chain will be indexed by search engines, only if your chain is included, to discuss the quality of the chain, it is a necessary prerequisite. Links to be included on our website under the premise, we not only need to test Web pages, higher detection included the source code of the chain, are links to view the site using a jump.
III, outside the chain of execution. "Execution" is very important in every industry, a method of "executive force" is crucial for SEO. Small series of meeting lots of people saying their site's ranking is very unstable, sometimes ranking kuangjiang, the webmaster was very chilling. Small studies have found, released by the ups and downs of these sites is an important cause of the chain above the amount of execution, it was three days of fishing net, published outside the chain has absolutely no plans, do you what you want, don't want to do it well. Xiao bian recommended SEO must be "executive force" to the extreme, we can see a lot of SEO-NB's, and their execution of SEO is very NB.
Although the effect of external links for your site's ranking in the fade, but to some extent, outside the chain of effects are very large. Small series that, regardless of to what extent search engine development, outside the chain's status is. Well, do fine, wide chain is done we need to study the problem, only research these can very well handle outside the chain of quality, giving the chain its disposal.

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