Website optimization of several factors influencing the keyword ranking

1, the domain name
older domain names can lead to Baidu's trust. In General before 2002 domain name, there will be able to get a good ranking in Baidu. Therefore, to achieve better rankings, buy an old domain name is a good choice.
2, title
If you want to run a blog site must be named "blog", because according to most people's search habits, blog information in a query when the most is to use title keywords to search. If you're heading "SEO blog" that I want to use "SEO blog" keyword, your rank must be very poor. Because you didn't selected keywords, need to avoid hot keyword.
keywords for the new station, Baidu is very sensitive to keyword, if you pile more, Baidu will also direct you to the sandbox in this note.
4, outside the chain of
is actually a very important part of the chain, the extensiveness of the chain and anchor text can improve your rankings, fast, and this is the reason why many people use tools to send the chain.
5, original
can attract spiders, more attractive for readers and users, which is the fundamental objective, so the original soul. No original website is a bunch of articles of dead bodies pile up.
6, update
for new sites, updates in a timely manner is very important. Funny thing is, updates for new and old station of importance are not the same. Baidu how to check for updates, currently unknown, here I made a guess, may be related to Web page text and update the total proportion, proportion of total text and updates, it's gained the weight should be higher. (Not confirmed), the update also requires regular, regular updating is very important, of course don't optimization too. BACK

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